The Story of Love Richmond Nua

Richmond Nua offers you one a romantic Valentine's Day experience…

We invite you to come experience the tranquil nature of Sapanca lake, the oxygen-rich air of the green forest where you can enjoy romantic walks, to relax and rejuvenate with wonderful massage and beauty therapies at Turkey’s best Spa, and learn to make scrumptious chocolates with your loved one, for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day at Richmond Nua.

*Price includes buffet breakfast, Valentine’s Day dinner which includes live musical entertainment and unlimited domestic alcoholic drinks, in-room VIP set up and, Spa entry.
*A 20% discount will be applied on any massages and treatments. Due to the high demand for our services at Nua Wellness-Spa, we recommend that you make reservations for all treatments and massages in advance.

Due to Wellness and Spa concept, we accept guests above 14 years old.

+90 264 582 21 00


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