QEPR Therapy

Leave all of your obstacles behind!

British therapist Paul Emery, winner of the “World's Best Spiritual Therapist” award, will be available for treatments at the Richmond Nua Wellness Spa between 09 - 31 March 2019. 

Paul Emery has changed the lives of thousands of people including super model Kate Moss, actress and TV star Megan Gale, Phil Burton, a soloist with the pop music group Human Nature, Sigmund Freud’s grandson Sir Clement Freud and Prince Ernst August of Hannover with QEPR (Quantum Emotional and Physical Therapy), which he developed himself.

With QEPR therapy, Paul Emery can rescue you from all of the negative factors in your life such as fear of flying, overeating, obsessions, heartbreak, phobias, fears and bad habits in a one-hour session. Emery also treats issues such as migraines, neck pain and psychological eating disorder.

Cost of therapy: 180 € + 18% VAT
One night bed and breakfast + therapy for one person: 280 € + 8% VAT
One night bed and breakfast + 2 therapies for two people: 460 € + 8% VAT

*Guests will receive a 20% discount on massages, treatments and all extras.

Due to Wellness and Spa concept, we accept guests 14 years old and above.

+90 264 582 21 00


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