Massage And Treatment

Nua specials are the treatments exclusively designed for Richmond Nua Wellness-Spa. These are balancing, relaxing and anti-stress cares. We recommend you to benefit from the following treatment options for the serenity of your body, mind and soul.

Nua Private Couple

Particularly designed for our guests, Nua Private offers a privileged experience with an Aromatic Steam Bath, Bio Sauna and the two-person Nua Signature Massage (50 minutes) applied by our experienced therapists. We kindly request you to make your reservation 3 days earlier.

105 minutes (2 persons) 645 TL

Nua Spirit Couple

It is a luxurious wellness suit with a magical atmosphere. It offers special couple treatments making you relax by harmonizing the body, mind, and soul. The ritual includes Cleopatra Bath and 50-minute Traditional Balinese Massage for ladies and Foaming Bath and 50-Minute Deep Asian Massage for gentlemen accompanied by special complimentaries. We kindly request you to make your reservation at least 3 days earlier.

135 minutes (2 persons) 785 TL

Nua Private VIP Lounge

Enjoy the Aromatic Steam Bath and Bio Sauna in Nua Private VIP room to be specially prepared for you.

90 minutes (2 persons) 440 TL

Deluxe Caviar Facial

This luxurious facial smooths and moisturizes the skin by firming and toning it with protein rich caviar and strong antioxidants.

90 minutes 495 TL

Caviar Facial

The protein rich caviar treatment cleanses, refines, firms and nourishes the skin. It produces immediate results to create a luminous and healthy skin.

60 minutes 395 TL

Correcting Advanced Repair Facial

This result-oriented treatment is designed to address specific skin conditions including hyperpigmentation, congested skin, fine lines and premature aging.

90 minutes 495 TL

Correcting Detox Facial

This deep cleansing and skin-refining facial is particularly designed for oily and problematic skins that began to age. It is immediate result oriented.

60 minutes 300 TL

Correcting Pro Peel 30

The use of 30% multi-acid peel included in the care gives the skin immediate brightness and helps the skin tonicity.

30 minutes 200 TL

Brightening Facial

This result-oriented care is designed to address certain skin problems like hyperpigmentation and premature aging.

75 minutes 420 TL

Nua Customized Cleansing Facial

A purifying care appropriate for any skin type.

75 minutes 300 TL

Sensitive Skin Facial

This sensitive skin facial reduces the infection on irritated skins due to several reasons and it nourishes, heals and protects the skin.

60 minutes 295 TL

Hydrating Facial

It is a rescue facial soothing, moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

60 minutes 265 TL

Eye Treatment

This intensive eye treatment diminishes the fine lines and wrinkles, eliminates the dark circles and relieves puffy eyes.

30 minutes 160 TL

Refreshing Facial

It refines pale and dull skin and nourishes it with minerals.

30 minutes 200 TL

Fresh Caviar Facial

Activating cell structuring, this treatment is also a strong antioxidant. It is essential for the development of the skin’s vital cells. It moisturizes, nourishes and firms the skin.

65 minutes 465 TL

Oxygen Facial

It moisturizes the skin, facilitates the oxygen intake, slows down the process of aging, rejuvenates and energizes the skin.

75 minutes 280TL

Traditional Turkish Bath

It is method of care including traditional practices, body scrub and foam massage. Freed from the dead cells, your skin can breathe more freely. The foam massage is relaxing for both your body and soul.

30 minutes 160 TL

Foam Massage

You can complement the pleasure of Spa with traditional foam massage in the Turkish bath.

30 minutes 140 TL

Sultan Hammam Pleasure

The skin breathes more easily when it is purified from the dead cells after being rubbed with bath gloves. And the foam massage relaxes both your soul and body. Then, your skin is nourished and moisturized with a moisturizing body lotion.

45 minutes 200 TL

Ayurvedic Brown Sugar Treatment

It is a renewal care with peeling effect created by a natural mixture of honey, aromatic oils and brown sugar.

20 minutes 145 TL

Turkish Salt Scrub

It is a process of exfoliation including the application of revitalizing thermal mineral salts.

60 minutes 255 TL

Chamomile Scrub

A process of exfoliation consisting of the application of a cream that includes granulated pumice stone.

60 minutes 255 TL

Hand & Foot Treatment

The mask applied after the peeling is kept for 20 minutes for your hand & foot treatment. The softening and moisturizing effect is increased with a special moisturizing cream.

Hands Treatment 30 minutes 85 TL

Foot Treatment 30 minutes 95 TL

Body Firming Detox Treatment

It detoxifies, firms and refines the body by re-energizing it. Through an exclusive brush technique, it helps to exfoliate the skin and accelerates the lymphatic circulation.

75 minutes 385 TL

Soothing Local Body Treatment

Specific to the weary legs, this care is applied to the whole leg from tiptoes to the hips. It removes tiredness, reduces swellings and eliminates the feeling of heaviness.

50 minutes 255 TL

Back Treatment

This deeply relaxing treatment cleanses, heals and nourishes your back. It is ideal for both women and men.

50 minutes 190 TL

Nua Signature Body Care

This mineral-rich care has a beautifying effect on the skin. The accelerating effect of the RNA and DNA activities keeps the skin clean, soft and smooth.

75 minutes 350 TL

Body Shaping Treatment

This treatment has an impact on the superficial and deep fat cells causing cellulite. It reduces the appearance of cellulite through active oxygen body wrap.

45 minutes 295 TL

Dry Floatation

Delivering spectacular results, this 60-minute treatment is equivalent to 6 hours of sleep. Even after the first care session, you can instantly feel the way your skin regains its vitality. The moment your wrapped body is submerged in the warm water, you will feel a sense of floatation.

Dry Floatation is applied through the latest technology of the Nuvola Floating Bed. With regular twice a week sessions, you can observe perfect outcomes soon. You may choose from among three different treatment options.

Nuvola - Milk and Honey Treatment

A luxurious body wrap treatment moisturizing your skin by effectively softening it for a long time.

50 minutes 185 TL

Nuvola - Algae Body Treatment

An effective body wrap treatment that firms the skin and helps the body to detoxify and get rid of water retention.

50 minutes 250 TL

Nuvola - Mud Body Treatment

Rich in minerals, this mud treatment relieves muscle tension and purifies and softens the skin.

50 minutes 235 TL

Cleopatra Bath

It revitalizes the dry and low-moisturized skin.

20 minutes 110 TL

Mineralized Revitalizing Bath

A unique salt bath consisting of strong minerals and rarely found elements of nature.

20 minutes 130 TL

Chi-Yang Massage

Chi-Yang is a body-care method preceded by peeling. “Golden Body Oil” containing 24-carat gold particles is used for a light and relaxing massage. Itconverts the negative energy in the body into positive.

75 minutes 340 TL

Lavender Dream Experience

Relax. The dream of lavender fields kissed by the French sun will envelop your senses as you drift with the blue waves. Take a deep breathe. Inhale the calming and balancing smell of wild lavender in this revitalizing and rejuvenating Spa experience which includes a two-step revitalizing full body scrub, a warm Wrap and a full body massage with stones.

90 minutes 360 TL

Healing Revival

A body care including peeling with mineral salts followed by a massage with organic ginger oil.

90 minutes 360 TL

Organic Aromatherapy Massage

A relaxing massage applied through a very light pressure technique using special organic aromatherapy oils.

50 Minutes 215 TL

Nua Signature Massage

An exceptional massage created exclusively for Richmond Nua Wellness-Spa. During the massage, the level of pressure and the focal points are identified in line with your needs.

50 minutes 210 TL

90 minutes 375 TL

Magnesium Massage

Magnesium is responsible for promoting muscle functions and overall well-being of the body. This nourishing massage detoxifies your body and increases the level of magnesium.

65 minutes 250 TL

Nua First Touch Massage

A tension-relieving, muscle-relaxing massage specifically designed for pregnant women. Nua First Touch Massage can be reserved at any time after the first 3 months of your pregnancy with the approval of your doctor.

50 minutes 190 TL

Lomi Lomi Nui

This is a spiritual Hawaiian massage smartly harmonizing extremely relaxing stretching and touching techniques. It relaxes the body, mind and the spirit, and purifies you from stress and tension.

50 minutes 275 TL

Hot Stone Therapy

This therapy is a combination of a full body massage and energy exercises. It dates back to the old Shamans. Warm volcanic stones are placed on the energy points (chakras) on the body and the whole body massage is applied. It accelerates the process of self-healing, provides intense relaxation and stabilizes energy levels.

65 minutes 230 TL

Traditional Balinese Massage

A whole body massage applied through the acupressure and reflexology techniques.

50 minutes 195 TL

Deep Asian Massage

Using a deeper pressure than the Traditional Balinese Massage, this massage technique includes the use of the arms and elbows as well.

50 minutes 205 TL

Local Massage

This massage is applied on the area you request.

30 minutes 145 TL

Swedish Massage

Applied though sports massage techniques, this massage includes muscle stimulating techniques and applied in medium pressure level.

50 minutes 185 TL

Anti-Cellulite Massage

A pressure massage intended to remove the problems in the areas with cellulite.

30 minutes 175 TL

Detox Lymphatic Drainage

This is a fairly sensitive and gentle massage which is performed by massaging the skin towards the lymphatic flow and lymph node areas.

50 minutes 185 TL

Chocolate Massage

A body massage applied through the use of a special chocolate oil containing ginseng and vitamin E.

50 minutes 235 TL

Shiradora Therapy

The ancient therapy of Ayurveda philosophy applied on the head only. The warm sesame oil (shira) flowing from a copper pot down onto the “Third Eye” (dora) both cures and gives deep relaxation.

30 minutes 185 TL

Shiroabhyanga Massage

One of the ancient therapies of the philosophy of Ayurveda. The therapy includes a light body massage and intensive head massage.

65 minutes 290 TL

Thai Massage

A unique combination of the compression and yoga stretching practices applied on the meridian points. It is a dry, pressure massage.

50 minutes 270 TL

Shiatsu Therapy

A dry, pressure massage applied on the meridian points of the body. Thus, it increases the flow of chi energy in the body and strengthens all the organs.

50 minutes 275 TL

Foot Reflexology

It includes applying pressure on the certain reflex points under the feet.

45 minutes 170 TL


10 minutes 45 TL

15 minutes 55 TL

20 minutes 65 TL


Personal Training

1 hour session per person 75 TL


1 hour session per person 75 TL


45 minutes session per person 95 TL

Chakra Activation Meditation

45 minutes session per person 85 TL

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