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With a visionary concept of service, Richmond International strives to create healthy functioning profitable tourism brands. At this point, with its expertise and foresight, the company establishes innovative and enterprising sales organizations suited to the changing demands of different markets and manages this network thoroughly. By analyzing regions and demands, the company's central sales office designates product-specific sales strategies. These strategies are supported with the returns from national and international fairs. Richmond International is also responsible for overseeing and tracking the sales of the hotel on the appropriate online platforms.


For Richmond International, the best way to have a powerful brand is to adopt an integrated approach to the brand in marketing and communication channels. The company's professional marketing team, using all communications media in an integrated way, develops innovative strategies to create a powerful brand and loyal guests. The strengths of the brand are highlighted. Thus, the brand is differentiated from its competitors and it gains proper placement in the consumers' minds. All operations are complemented and executed with social media and online marketing projects. To create an effective brand identity and image, a multi-faceted, continuous, and consistent communications model is developed.

Revenue Management

Revenue management is one of the key aspects of operation of hotel management. Richmond International’s revenue managers, by analyzing the market structure and revenues with detailed reports, develop new strategies to improve efficiency. The entire business is imbued with this approach. Taking profitability to the highest level is contemplated by analysing occupancy rates and average room rates. At the core of every action carried out to reach this fundamental goal lies high technology.

Finance and Control Management

Each business model Richmond International develops based on specific needs carefully analyzes supply and demand balances in the lodging industry and focuses on providing short-term returns for hotel investors. At this stage, an efficient system that contains annual budget forecasts along with daily, monthly and yearly evaluations of the hotels is established in order to get favorable results. In accord with the financial standards of the hotel industry, hotels are helped in adapting to monthly uniform reports. These reports are analyzed in detail and income and expense statements are monitored. Profitability of hotels are improved with effective cost control.

Food and Beverage

When it comes to foods and beverages, combining regional tastes with high quality, pioneering, and innovative presentations is the fundamental factor that takes business to the higher level. With the contemporary taste concepts it develops, Richmond International creates unique menus with well-adjusted cost controls for the hotels it renders service to.

Purchasing Management

Thanks to the mutual trust and good relationships it developed with its suppliers, Richmond International management offers the advantage of buying products at the most affordable prices. Richmond International's efficient purchasing network is constantly updated and expanded with technology-based research studies.

Business Partner Relations

Richmond International's transparent management style helps it develop long-term relationships with investors based on mutual trust. 

Human Resources

All businesses under the management of Richmond International operate in a work environment that promotes productivity, collaboration, and solidarity. Provides training and employment for staff who are specialized in their field with training programs that meet the chain's value and quality standards, are always improving their individual skills and competence, and are devoted to ethical values.