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Investor Relations and Benefits

Richmond International’s consultancy is shaped by investors’ needs. The common goal of each business activity of the company is to raise profitability to the highest level. Richmond International, using the expertise and advanced business relations of the Group, operates under the principle of maximum quality at minimum cost. Following new trends, it ensures the development and utilization of new concepts by all of its business operations.


One of the services that renders Richmond International preferential is, with an additional agreement, the methodical analysis and the productivity evaluation of the planned investment project.

Management Contract

Richmond International assumes all responsibility of hotel management by signing the management contract with the investor. This includes carrying the investment to the future, providing support in all areas of Richmond International's services, and presenting performance reports to the investor. Richmond International aims to add value to the investment with this business partnership.

Franchise Agreement

The franchise agreement signed with the investor bestows Richmond International with the responsibility to provide support for the hotel management in many areas such as consulting, training, sales, and marketing. Executing the business partnership process without compromising the brand value and service quality of Richmond International is required from the investor. In return, Richmond authorizes the use of its brand name and inspects the operation periodically.

Technical Consulting

Richmond International’s experienced team, with an additional agreement, offers support in creating highly effectual, specially designed, and cost effective projects from the initial phase to the completion of the investment.

Pre-Opening Services

Richmond International provides full support to hotels it has assumed management of during their pre-opening processes as well. During this period, investors receive support in the following service areas:

  • Creating a staff structure
  • Training the staff in accordance with the service standards
  • Planning and purchase of all operational equipment
  • Planning, purchasing, and training for IT technologies
  • Market research and product development
  • Planning of marketing activities
  • Planning of sales policies
  • Pre-opening budget operations
  • Planning of revenue management
  • Executing the hotel opening without any problems

Management Consulting

Richmond International provides outside consulting services to investors in any subject covered by its service areas.