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Turkey's first and only destination spa: Richmond Nua Wellness-Spa

Discovery of serenity at Nua!
Wandering around in an airy kimono without even needing to open up your suitcase, forgetting about how time flows by while you enjoy dozens of various water therapies, and rediscovering yourself with a healthy menu, expert therapists, and personalized treatment programs...

''Destination Spa'', the name says it all pointing to the ideal destination for those looking to turn relaxation into a ritual of health and serenity. Richmond Nua, Turkey's first and only ''Destination Spa'', at Sapanca where the views of the forest and the sea meet, brings together health through water with a richness an abundance that pushes the limits of the five senses.

One of Europe's most equipped SPAs...
Richmond Nua Wellness-Spa was founded in 2005 under the umbrella of Aksoy Group. This prestigious establishment that introduced health and serenity through water to Turkey, was deemed worthy of 4 different awards for being Europe's most equipped and Turkey's first destination spa hotel at the '1st National Spa & Wellness Congress'.

Richmond Nua Wellness-Spa, where the Sapanca Lake meets an unparalleled forest scenery, represents the city's most sensible place of joy and serenity.

Richmond Nua, with a total of 131 rooms including 20 suites, a SPA area of 2700 square meters, and constantly renewed personalized programs, continues to improve the concept of ''Destination Spa'' in Turkey.

Exclusive notes from Nua...

  • Nua, with its various activities that salute an unmatched natural environment, personalized treatment programs, understanding of healthy tasty food, and innovative therapies, is the country's go to place for ''living well''.
  • Also, with 4 separate multi-purpose meeting rooms that can accomodate 450 people, Nua offers the opportunity of holding peaceful events for national and international brands looking to move their business to a refined and tranquil environment. Nua's meeting rooms that recieve natural light all day long accompanied by views of nature, adds productivity and joy to institutional activities.
  • Nua's sauna and steam rooms, all with different functions and temperatures ranging from 30°C to 100°C, offer special purification and renewal sessions for those wishing to make their Spa experience unforgettable.
  • Nua, with its Beautyfood Menu prepared with all natural produce, its Detox Days that soon became a tradition, and its innovative programs such as the Hypoxi Marathon that offers slimming down up to 1 dress size in just 4 days, integrates health through water with the concept of ''Wellness''.

Examples of Richmond Nua Wellness-Spa's Unprecedented Treatment Programs

Nua SPIRIT Couple
Harmonizing the body, the mind, and the soul, this couple's massage starts off with the couple receiving foot massages in foot-baths sprinkled with rose petals and continues with the couple experiencing the Rasul Steam Bath. After the steam bath ladies are ushered  first to the Cleopatra bath and then to the Traditional Balinese Massage, while the gentlemen enjoy the Foam Treatment followed by the Asian Deep Tissue Massage. After the massages the couple is given time to rest and relax. This exquisite wellness journey ends with the therapists presenting the couple with a gift that can be used to recreate the SPA experience at home.

Nua SPECIAL CARE Treatment
Offering total renewal from head to toe, Nua Special Care includes a facial, a Lymphatic Drainage Massage for the face, and a Foot Reflexology therapy. Benefits: A relaxing treatment that enhances the quality of skin, and helps unblock congested areas of your body.

Shirodhara Therapy
Practiced for over 5000 years in India and Sri Lanka, this therapy is based on the ancient principles of Ayurvedic medicine. The warm sesame oil flowing from a copper pot down onto the ''third eye'' restores health and provides a deep relaxation. The therapy is concluded with a light body massage and an intense head massage. Benefits: Rejuvenates and heals the body, relieves stress.