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Wellness is no longer a trend; it is rather accepted as a lifestyle. The philosophy of wellness is based on harmonizing, balancing, and improving physical, spiritual and mental health by recognizing the human as a whole.

The peace achieved by mental, physical and spiritual harmony is a way of existence and living at Nua. We wish you to enjoy your personalized programs prepared by our experts for a colorful journey of discovery to your unknown horizons.

Would you like to meet the new definition of getting in shape and staying in shape?

With Nua Slim and Nua Fit programs of Richmond Nua Wellness Spa, prepared by an expert team, you may lose weight in a healthy way while moving away from all the external factors that affect your life negatively.

Nua Slim
Nua Fit
  • Personalized weight-loss program.
  • Developed for individuals desiring to lose excess weight.
  • Based on a healthy, balanced, and permanent weight-loss.
  • Includes a delicious and healthy diet with natural ingredients as well as sports programs.
  • Personalized firming program.
  • Developed for individuals desiring to have a more powerful body in better shape.
  • Works in a regional slimming, firming, and strengthening manner.
  • Includes a delicious and healthy diet with natural ingredients as well as sports programs.

How do Nua Fit and Nua Slim differ from other weight-loss and firming programs?

  • While the Nua Fit and Nua Slim programs, developed by experts, are personalized following the medical screenings performed, the duration of the programs are also determined according to the needs of the participant.
  • An expert dietician and a personal coach assist the participants throughout the duration of the program.
  • Your personal “right way of living” is formed by combining many factors, from eating habits to routine sleeping pattern, with healthy nutrition.
  • Ensures weight-loss while enjoying your vacation.
  • The soothing atmosphere of the spa becomes one of the personal basic motivation sources.
The program is intended for guests aged 14 and older.

Please contact with the program supervisor: 0533 686 6037 |

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Paul Emery - QEPR Therapy (Quantum Emotional and Physical Therapy)

Upon drawing great interest with his first visit, world-renowned QEPR therapist Paul Emery will return to Richmond Nua Wellness-Spa on April 28th – May 13th 2012. Founder of Quantum Emotional and Physical Therapy (QEPR) and awarded as the world's best spiritual therapist in 2010, Paul Emery is also the therapist of many prominent movie stars, supermodels, and television stars.

Paul Emery, who has visited Turkey in cooperation with Richmond Nua Wellness-Spa for the first time in 2009, enables you to give up many obsessions and break bad habits such as smoking, drinking, fear of flying, eating disorders, phobias, and love pain in just 1 hour through QEPR therapy.

Accommodated Program Rates
  • Single superior room 495 Euro + VAT
  • Double superior room 875 Euro + VAT (2 separate sessions)

Program Rates, without accommodation
  • Per person 400 Euro + VAT

For more information or reservation: +90 264 582 21 00 |

Paul Emery Guest Comments

The human body is virtually an instrument. Paul Emery teaches how to play this instrument.
Güzide Yülek Hürriyet Newspaper-Editor

Thanks to the tips Paul gave me, I have the opportunity to apply the technique by myself and relax.
Berna Erten Alem Magazin – Chief Editor

I felt like I had talked to a dear friend and unburdened my heart when the session was over.
Berrin Haberveren Star Newspaper – Editor

I have substantially resolved the problem that I wanted to get rid of as a result of the half-hour session I had with Paul Emery.
Nilay Yalçınkaya Haber Türk Newspaper - Editor

It was definitely a motivating session that made me feel good. I'm sure that everyone attending these sessions will feel the same.
Eylem Şimşek Harper's Bazar - Editor

Being the first and only destination SPA of Turkey, Richmond Nua is the address for peace and cleansing providing "Detox" opportunity 365 days a year. You may supplement your physical cleansing with emotional cleansing with massage & therapy programs as well as the unparalleled spa area at Nua.

In addition to the permanent "Detox" opportunity, Richmond Nua also provides expert programs by launching 3-, 5- and 7-day detox camps during certain seasons of the year for individuals who desire to achieve cleansing within a specific time period with a different motivation.

Nua offers two kinds of detox programs, both followed under the supervision of experts:

Fruits and Vegetables Detox
The foods to be consumed in this program are raw vegetables and herbal teas.

Liquid Detox
This program is recommended especially for individuals who have detoxed previously. This detox consists of fruit and vegetable juices.

Would you like to Slim One Size in just 4 Days?

You can slim 1 size in 4 days with Hypoxi, the "Healthy Body Shaping Method" proven in researches conducted by Hamburg University to be more successful in body fat reduction compared to classic exercise.

  • Enabling you to burn the stubborn body fats in a short period of time, Hypoxi is a fitness and vacuum therapy applied by using 4 types of devices and special clothing.
  • Hypoxi is considered a completely natural method compared to the surgical weight-loss methods, and applied in combination with exercise and a personalized calorie reduced diet.

Programme Options

5 Night "1 Size in 4 days" Hypoxi Marathon Program

  • Single occupancy spa program 1530 Euro
  • Double occupancy spa program (per person) 1340 Euro

*Prices are inclusive of bed & breakfast on the first night, Hypoxi nutrition program on other days, and wellness-spa access.

"1 Size in 4 days" Hypoxi Marathon Program without Accommodation

  • Single occupancy spa program 950 Euro

*Price includes Hypoxi nutrition program and wellness-spa Access

Daily Hypoxi Program

  • 12 Sessions 555 Euro

*12 session Hypoxi program includes Spa and outdoor pool access.

*%8 VAT for accomodated stays, %18 VAT for non-accomodated stays are excluded in our prices.

Hypoxi Guest Comments

The 4 day marathon concluded with surprising measurements. I will recommend this program to everyone.
Özge Taşdelen Kutlualp Purchasing Manager

Losing 2 kilos and 19 cm in just 4 days...It was well worth coming here all the way from Adana. Thank you for a happy and peaceful program.
Meltem Aydın Member of The Company

After a busy winter, I totally renewed myself with Hypoxi. My days at Nua were full of purification and regeneration.
Deniz Seki Musician

Although it has been nearly a month since the program, my new measurements have not changed. Walking for an hour everyday is all I need
to do to stay this way. I am currently thinking about participating in the program once more in fall.
Gül Ergi Columnist

Only a miracle could make my body shape up, slim down,and get firmer, on top of all the weight loss, in as short as 4 days,
and that's what the Hypoxi program gave me, a miracle!
Saba Tümer Journalist - TV Host

In addition to the fitness area usage, various advantages for accommodation and activities are offered to our members in order to provide a service that they will enjoy more.

From 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

  • 3-month weekdays only membership 950 TL
  • 3-month membership all week 2.000 TL
  • 6-month weekdays only membership 1.550 TL
  • 6-month membership all week 3.100 TL

From 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

  • 3-month weekdays only membership 1.200 TL
  • 3-month membership all week 2.200 TL
  • 6-month weekdays only membership 2.000 TL
  • 6-month membership all week3.500 TL

  • The specified prices are single prices and include VAT. 
  • All memberships feature free entrance of wellness-spa area and outdoor pool. 
  • All memberships feature free use of tennis courts. (An appointment system is applied.) 
  • Membership includes 15% discount on all additional expenses.
  • 15% discount on single accomodation prices throughout the membership duration.
  • Complimentary 1 night double room and breakfast for 6-month memberships.