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About Richmond International

Richmond International, operating under Aksoy Group, is a next generation management company established to provide consulting, training, and administrative services in the international tourism arena. Executes the management of Richmond Hotels, a private investment of the group, as well as the management and consulting functions of local and international hotels already established or in the process of establishment, under the Richmond brand.

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Richmond Nua Races Towards a Record!

Winner of the 'Best Luxury Wellness Spa' award for four consecutive years at the World Luxury Awards, Richmond Nua is vying to be selected as 'Turkey's Most Luxurious Spa' for the fifth year. By voting for Richmond Nua, you can give your support to our living well culture.

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The Countdown to Global Wellness Day 2015 Has Begun!

Global Wellness Day is an entirely not-for-profit day, created by volunteers dedicated to the good life. It is a social platform created to raise awareness throughout the world of living well by bringing together, exercise, healthy eating and spiritual teachings.

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